Dr. Emanuele Cruder

Dr. Emanuele Cruder was born in Udine on 22/12/1978 . He graduated in Economics at the University of Udine in 2003 and registered in July 2007 by the Order of Chartered Accountants  of the Province of Udine.

Auditor with D.M. 01/02/2008 in the Official Gazette n . 12 of 12/02/2008 , registered in the List of Reviewers of Cooperatives established at the Region F.V.G. As well as the list of Auditor General of the Association of Italian Cooperatives since 2008 and the Technical Consultants of the Court of Udine.

It is a consultant in the field of:

  • tax consultancy , tax and corporate law
  • assistance and representation of tax
  • business consulting and management control
  • advice and assistance in extraordinary operations of company reorganization and restructuring
  • insolvency and management of corporate crises procedures
  • statutory audit in public entities
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